The Apple Watch is Dead: Google Pixel Watch to Be Announced in 2022
The Apple Watch is Dead: Google Pixel Watch to Be Announced in 2022

The Apple Watch is not as popular as the company expected, and the market share for smartwatches is decreasing drastically. With Google’s new line of Pixel smartphones being some of the best devices on the market, it seems only reasonable that Google would want to compete in this area as well. Learn about what to expect from the upcoming Google Pixel Watch, and whether you should buy an Apple Watch or a Samsung Gear instead.

What is the Apple Watch?

The Apple Watch is a smartwatch designed and developed by Apple. It’s the first wearable introduced by the company and was announced on March 9, 2015. The watch is compatible with both Apple, Android, and Windows phones. The device features a touchscreen display that responds to a user’s touch or a tap on the watch’s face.

Google Pixel Watch

When Google will be releasing their upcoming Google Pixel Watch?

Google has been reported to have been working on a Pixel Watch, which is the size of a mini-smartwatch. Google has not yet confirmed that they are working on a watch, but it seems to be a good idea considering Apple’s failure with the Apple Watch. The Pixel Watch will have all of the features you would expect from a traditional watch while being able to connect to Google Assistant for directions, music, and more. One source claims that there will not be many changes in design from last year’s models.

How Much Would the Google Pixel Watch Cost Compared to an Apple Watch?

The Apple Watch is dead, and Google Pixel Watch is set to be announced in 2022. The price of the Apple Watch ranges from $289 all the way up to $1,249, depending on the style, size, and watch face. For this reason, it’s hard to say what the Google Pixel Watch will cost compared to an Apple Watch when it’s released.

Will the New Google Pixel Watch App Store Be Boring Compared to an Apple Store?

The Apple Watch is not your typical piece of technology. It’s embedded into the hegemonic ideology that the only way to live a successful life is to work hard, be successful, and buy expensive things. The Google Pixel Watch Store will be more neutral in comparison. They will showcase all of their products with an unbiased point of view.

Apple’s newest version of the Apple Watch will be announced in September. This is not necessarily a good thing for Apple because people are showing less and less interest in the watch. Sales have been declining and may never recover.
All of these factors make it likely that the Apple Watch will disappoint when it comes to sales.

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