PlayStation 5 to Go Live for Pre-Booking on December 28
PlayStation 5 to Go Live for Pre-Booking on December 28

PlayStation 5 is set to go for pre-booking on Dec 28 and it will release next year. However, technical specifications and features of the console are yet not revealed. Sony has also been focusing on PlayStation VR as well as PlayStation 4 Pro so that they can make sure their investments are wise. With these hustles, they might be able to beat Microsoft’s Xbox One X console by 2019.

With all these updates going around the gaming world, what doesn’t PlayStation 5 have? Well, we reached out to Sony and found some things that PS5 might have or need such as a great online multiplayer system and more power than ever! Sony is rumored to have a new virtual reality system in the pipeline and that it will be used for PlayStation 5. This system would make PS5 a lot more immersive than ever before.

$300 Sony PS 5 PlayStation 5 does not have a release date yet as it is not expected to be released any time soon. The company will launch for pre-booking on Dec 28 and its release date is yet to be announced! So far, we have seen no other names associated with this device [that’s just speculation]. With so many leaks here and there, you might want to take them with a pinch of salt.

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