Microsoft Cancels In-Person Presence at CES 2022
Microsoft Cancels In-Person Presence at CES 2022

If you had been to the CES show floor then you would have seen this coming. Microsoft, like other tech companies, has been moving away from in-person presence at major trade shows for some time now. This article, which comes to us from The Financial Times, explains in detail why Microsoft decided to leave CES early.

As a result, Microsoft would like to invite “regional partners not just from North America and Europe” to attend the event. The company’s focus on events such as SXSW and MWC has also led to its decision of cancelling its events in North America/Europe as well.

Not only is this a substantial loss for Microsoft and CES attendees but it also shows how important regional partnerships are for these events nowadays. At CES 2013, Microsoft had its own booth for the entire event where it featured tablets, laptops, and monitors.

It was not just limited to these products but also its own software system as well. It was also a good show of Microsoft’s new hardware releases along with the software you could get on those devices. The event invited OEM partners such as Acer, HP, Samsung, and others to showcase their devices running Windows 8/RT.

It seems like this will be the last time we ever see in-person announcements from Microsoft at CES given how most companies are shifting towards regional partner events in these eventually globalized times.Microsoft’s secret weapon for CES/MWC is its Back of House team. If a device partner has sent something back to us, we handle the logistics of it. It’s a great resource, and very few companies have that.” – Neil Parker, Microsoft Global Senior Vice President, OEM
Unfortunately, we are not as optimistic about this situation given that CES/MWC has become increasingly more globalized with most companies doing regional press events and focusing on their own devices but we will keep you updated on any other developments.

Microsoft still plans to attend these events but only in an expo booth capacity and will also continue to do regional events such as those at SXSW.
Microsoft is also partnering up with the Chinese government for some special events in China where it hosted its Future Decoded event this year.

This year, the company has been attempting to appear as a more diverse company, so this decision seems to make sense. However, some are questioning Microsoft’s motives for canceling their presence at CES. It is possible that they want to focus on other ways of selling their products like e-commerce and advertising.

Microsoft announced that they would be canceling their presence at CES 2022. They also released a statement saying that it was a difficult decision, but one that was made for the good of the company. Canceling their presence will force them to rethink how they reach out to consumers and in some cases, could result in having different conventions depending on where they are located.

Microsoft Corporation announced, on January 8th, that it will be canceling its in-person presence at the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show (known as CES) in Las Vegas. This is not the first time that Microsoft has done this; they have canceled their presence at other events, such as IFA and Taipei.

The new CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella, has canceled the event to make it easier for their employees and partners. This is a trend that continues with some companies such as IBM and HP who have canceled their events as well.

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