Mangaverse, a metaverse project by Shinsekai, wants to establish itself as a brand by mixing NFT, metaverse, and manga using Web 3.0 technology. Mangaverse will be a collection of 3D virtual environments designed to foster social interaction between manga and anime enthusiasts. It is a hypothetical iteration of the Internet as a single, worldwide virtual environment that will combine multiple aspects of new-age technologies like blockchain and NFTs. Cedric and his team have established the Mangaverse, which will serve as a hub for all manga and anime fans, regardless of whether they are interested in NFTs.

Cedric Kashama, a manga, anime, gaming, and fashion enthusiast is the brain behind Shinsekai’s artwork. Cedric had intended to do YouTube vlogs initially, but he quickly found that his creative spirit liked the creating process more than the recording procedure. Thus, it pushed him towards the creation of Shinsekai. Cedric and his team’s fondness for manga are significant sources of inspiration for Shinsekai. In addition, it served as proof that they had established the first manga community in the metaverse.

Shinsekai began forming NFTs since it is the quickest way to attract investors who share their vision. But it is just the beginning. Shinsekai Corp. will publish manga, broadcast anime, start a clothing line, and engage in other activities that will boost the company’s worth and value of our NFT collection. They are actively putting together a network of known companies and partners, and the first one will be unveiled on February 28, 2022. Important dates will also be revealed soon. Unlike previous projects, the company’s growth, the number of individuals who will buy their products, and the omnipresence they develop will determine the value of the NFTs.

Cedric created Shinsekai’s NFT artwork, and his love of art is apparent in his work. Since he was a child, he’s been drawing. For a few years, he’s been an NFT artist and has a solid fan base of 1.5 million people on social media. He intends to establish the largest NFT manga community by producing Shinsekai, making everyone happy. Cedric and his team are using Web 3.0 technology to push the boundaries of their imagination to improve millions of fans’ anime and manga experiences. Cedric and his team hope to alter manga and anime culture throughout the world by creating a community.

However, the Mangaverse is still in a nascent stage. Users can still use NFTs in any metaverse because they are available in universally accepted formats like blend, obj, fbx, and glb. The project will employ a DAO-like structure to develop the Mangaverse and the larger Shinsekai ecosystem for our community members to contribute. Their revenues will go entirely into the Japanese Jar, which will grow Shinsekai and the ecosystem.

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