Is Samsung Working On A Smartwatch With Rollable Display?
Is Samsung Working On A Smartwatch With Rollable Display?

This article covers the future of wearables and what Samsung has in store for us. The Samsung watch is a new take on smartwatches, with a rollable display that can be rolled up when it’s not in use. Read more about the development of the device and how it could improve your life!

Is Samsung Working On A Smartwatch With Rollable Display?
Is Samsung Working On A Smartwatch With Rollable Display?

Samsung’s rollable display

The Samsung watch is a sleek piece of tech that features a film-type display that can be rolled up. When the watch is not in use, the display will roll up and disappear into the side of the watch. The screen allows for a range of different colors and shows off several important information such as battery life, step count, and heart rate.

Technology that would change the future of wearables

It has been reported that the Samsung Watch would have a fitness tracker, heart rate monitor, GPS, MP3 player, and an audio recorder. It is expected to be water resistant and have a battery life of at least three days. The watch can also be used as a wireless charger for Samsung phones. It is not clear if it will have the capability to make phone calls, but it is speculated that it will be able to do so once new Bluetooth technology becomes available.

Why this watch is so special

Samsung is targeting the Apple Watch and Fitbit with their new watch. The biggest difference between this watch and others is that it has a retina display. This means it has more pixels per inch than other displays, so text can be read better. The watch also has Samsung Pay, which lets you pay for things without taking out your wallet or phone.

The Samsung Galaxy Gear S is a smartwatch. It has its own app store, which lets you download apps to your watch. You can also use it to pay in stores. You can then use its GPS to track your location. The Samsung Galaxy Gear S is compatible with Android, iOS The newest Samsung watch is called the Gear S3. It features an operating system that is faster than its predecessors, a modern design with a built-in GPS to track your workout progress, and improved battery life. Other features include being waterproof, dustproof, shock-resistant, and having WiFi capability.

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