Is attracting luck based on chance? Serial Entrepreneur Mark Lachance shares his secrets
Is attracting luck based on chance? Serial Entrepreneur Mark Lachance shares his secrets

Florida-based entrepreneur and blitzscaling expert, Mark Lachance, has recently published a new book that aims to help entrepreneurs attract more luck and success in their personal and professional lives. Titled “The Lucky Formula,” the goal of this book is to help people create their own luck through a proven formula, instead of relying solely on chance. He shares anecdotes on how certain events from his life led him to unlock the secret for bringing good fortune into one’s own career path – all while sharing his milestones and misfortunes along the way. 

Mark is a seasoned entrepreneur, strategic investor and thought leader who has accumulated industrial experience as the CEO of one of North America’s most successful social media marketing agencies, Maxy Media. From his days as a sports agent, to having multiple successful businesses under his belt, he leads an awe inspiring career trajectory which would inspire any rookie or contemporary to try their hand at entrepreneurship.

Currently Mark is the top investor and co-founder of MaxyMedia, a social media marketing platform taking Canada by storm. Innovative and intuitive, their Ad creation platform allows them to launch millions of successful campaigns every day. Maxymedia’s secret sauce? Their talented Gen Z team. This helps them dominate TikTok advertising in Canada as well as lead generation on all platforms including Facebook & Twitter Ads.

Mark’s life wasn’t always a bed of roses. His entrepreneurial ventures taught him that success is never guaranteed and it can be taken away in an instant, but he refused to give up on himself or his dreams. Mark started out wealthy with successful businesses until one day things took an unexpected turn for the wrong reasons: betrayal by trusted associates that left this man nearly bankrupt after making some badly timed decisions which led him into debt and depression. But he wasn’t raised to be a quitter. 

He never stopped or let himself get stuck in one place because of adversity. Instead, he showed people how to challenge the concept itself: taking risks and not giving up on your dreams no matter what life throws at you! He believes that experience is a far better teacher than education–and when tough decisions need to be made quickly there’s simply no time for books or lectures; it takes real-world knowledge which only comes with years of experience. From this, he has also learned how to create his own luck for himself and not just wait on the sidelines for a “big break”.

And if you’re interested to see the same success and attract more luck in your life, grab a copy of his upcoming book, The Lucky Formula, and learn how you can stack the odds in your favor and cash in on success. You can start with calculating  your Lucky Score. Simply go to to calculate your ability to attract Luck and Success.

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