Nude Detection Feature Preview
Nude Detection Feature Preview

The new update is not focused on pornography but rather on underage content. Apple would like to ensure that a photo or video does not slip through the cracks because it contains nude images. Furthermore, the feature will enable the Cupertino-based company to restrict and monitor these photos while they are stored on Apple devices.

In other words, with this update, you can now block NSFW content in your phone’s camera roll. There is no need for you to worry about your kids seeing anything inappropriate on their phones anymore because iOS 15.2 will monitor your device for any nude photos and videos within its camera roll.

The new feature is being advertised as an anti-child pornography feature. Currently, the update is only available for users in the United States but Apple plans to release it worldwide. It is not as if you can protect yourself from the feature because anyone who has your phone could look at it.

It is recommended that you check your phone’s camera roll every once in a while to ensure that there is no illegal content stored on it. If there are, then you should delete them straight away so that they do not get through Apple’s new filter. The new filter is based on deep learning and machine learning mechanisms so it works very quickly. In addition, it does not slow down your device and can also determine the difference between NSFW and SFW content.

The news of iOS 15.2’s anti-child pornography feature has been greeted by many Apple users with joy because they believe that this could be the beginning of a safer internet for the younger generation. There are those who think that Apple should not focus on just protecting children from inappropriate content but rather, should shield everyone from harmful content online.

For now, we will have to wait for iOS 15.2 to be released worldwide before we can see how this update will protect our children from unnecessary material.

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