This singer is all about the hustle — and in the process, she wants to make music that feeds the soul. 

Marcus Pereira, a 25-year-old R&B singer from the Bay Area, is known for her smooth beats and powerful vocals. What some don’t know about him, however, is where he picked up the grind. 

“I actually use to wrestle competitively,” he tells LondonTechNews. “Being an artist, and having that training helped me a lot as I am doing music professionally because being an athlete, I developed mental toughness.” 

You have the people who coordinate and promote the music. An enthusiastic man Marcus pereira decided to become a fortunate music artist. As he loves music unconditionally. His hard work, dedication and skill defines more about him in a different way without uttering an idiom. If one thinks positive and works hard to meet his full potential, the chances of reaching success are much greater. 

We all know, that hobbies and interest are an essential part of balanced lifestyle. These are the activities apart from profession that one should want to fulfill. Marcus pereira loves to do car dirifting, listening music and creating his own music etc. He also have impressive collection of music instruments at home. He always ready to learn how to play an instruments prefectly. Let’s just focus an eyeball towards his encouraging factor. He says, that family time is one of the most essential factor that makes him more authoritarian and optimistic.

The singer has new music on the way, but for now, check out her latest album, “Cemetery of the living”

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