Apple Planning to Work on All-Glass Apple Watch, Mac, and iPhone That Displays Front and Back Imagery Launching by 2030
Apple Planning to Work on All-Glass Apple Watch, Mac, and iPhone That Displays Front and Back Imagery Launching by 2030

Apple is in the process of developing new products that will feature all-glass exteriors. This would be a departure from their traditional metal-and-glass designs, but still, be far less heavy than an all-glass design. The company is also working on an all-glass Mac and iPhone with displays where images are shown on both the front and back surfaces.

Apple is working on new designs

Apple is currently working on an all-glass Apple Watch, Mac, and iPhone that displays both front and back imagery. This is a change from the current designs of the Apple Watch and iPhone which only display images on the screen in front of them. The new devices would allow for people to interact with both sides of their device and show what’s happening on the other side without needing to turn it over.

What is the biggest change?

The biggest change is the elimination of the bezel. When you look at an iPhone, it has a border around the edges of the screen which will no longer exist. This includes the watch, Mac, and iPhone.

Icons and buttons look more like what we’re used to seeing

A patent on Apple’s website reveals a new design for their products – one that is all-glass. All three of their most popular products, the iPhone, watch, and Mac have a clear back and front display. The icons and buttons are rounded, similar to what we’re used to seeing.

How will they be different from the current models?

Apple fans eagerly await the release of the newest iPhone and Watch models. It’s rumored that the new models will be made with an all-glass design, which would make them thinner and more durable than current models.

Rumours of an all glass Mac, iPhone, and watch that makes them look like two screens side by side

Apple is Working on All-Glass Apple Watch, Mac, and iPhone

Apple’s upcoming hardware products are likely to be some of the most innovative designs so far. The rumors about some of its new products have sparked a lot of discussions. One is that Apple is working on an all-glass iPhone, Mac, and watch. This idea was popularized by the recent leak of the Apple Watch’s front-facing image (the one with the digital crown). The consensus is that this is what it will look like when they release it next year.

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