Adidas Joins NFT ERA 2022
Adidas Joins NFT ERA 2022

The Adidas NFT project was started by the company in January of 2018 and is the result of a partnership with Bored Ape Yacht Club. This project, or “Next Fitness Tracker,” is one of three fitness trackers (the other two being Adidas’ ACE exercise tracker and HYPERGROW) that are working together to promote healthier lifestyles and fitness goals. Learn more about this new product at!

Adidas Joins NFT ERA 2022
Adidas Joins NFT ERA 2022

Adidas Unveils New NFT Project With Bored Ape Yacht Club

On Wednesday, Adidas unveiled its newest project, Bored Ape Yacht Club. This is a digital experience that brings together the sneakerheads of the world and allows them to participate in a variety of activities such as creating their own sneaker line, designing their own shoe colors, and even sporting events. The opportunities are endless for those who have the mindset to create their own brand and enjoy what they do.

What is an NFT Project?

The adidas NFT project is a new sustainable footwear project designed by Bored Ape, who is considered one of the top streetwear brands in the world. Adidas has teamed up with Bored Ape for their first project to create a shoe system that allows for easy customization and quick exchanges between consumers. The goal of the system is to offer an environmentally friendly option for those who want a more personalized and unique shoe experience.

The Purpose of Adidas’ NFT Project and the Challenges it Encountered

Adidas has come up with a new project in the form of a limited-edition capsule collection, designed by Bored Ape and conceptualized by Adidas NFT Project. This project is focused on using Adidas’s creative solutions to create & sell sneakers that are more modern, soulful and innovative. It will help in creating sustainable & world changing sneakers for that matter.

Who are Bored Apes?

Bored Ape NFT
Bored Ape NFT

Bored Apes are an online collective of creatives and backpackers who spend their time building, living and travelling in the most remote areas of the world.Adidas has created a new project, dubbed “NFT.” The goal is to unite creative minds, who can plug into the project and create content that will inspire Adidas customers. The blog “Bored Ape Yacht Club” comes in to play with this project as they have been tapped to design and create content for NFT.

What were some of the key learnings from Bored Apes in their experience with the project?

Adidas found out that by getting the various local influencers involved in their project, they were able to create a five minute film of different influencers sharing their thoughts on how we could connect with nature. They also found out that the average person is willing to pay €1.53 for a sticker, but only if it’s relevant to them personally.

NFT stands for Near Future Technology and Adidas has recently unveiled a new project with Bored Ape Yacht Club. The company is focused on bringing their consumers closer to technology, by transforming how they shop, play, learn and work.

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